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Welcome to the Phantom Carriage experience. Fusing the richness of Old-World brewing, innovative blending and passion for creating unique pairing adventures, we’ve crafted an experience like no other. Venture into our Taproom and unlock your senses.

Phantom Carriage redefines the meaning of craft beer with a true passion for adventurous brewing. We age many of our beers in fine, freshly emptied wine barrels to invoke deep, seductive layered complexities. In our short 4-year history, our willingness to broadly explore the possibilities within brewing and blending has led to the creation of more than 400 different small-batch beers. Pair a one-of-a-kind wild beer with an artisan small plate and push the boundaries of what you know.

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18525 South Main Street,
Carson, California 90248

Mon: 3p – 10p
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Great Beer and Food at its Best. Every Day.

The Taproom

Journey into the Taproom for an adventure like no other.

Phantom Carriage is the destination if you are looking for a truly unique and memorable experience. We believe incredible beer should be paired with incredible food.

Risk the crossing to enjoy a small-batch brew with our artisan fare. The reward will be that rich, unexpected resonance of flavors you had no idea you’ve been craving.

Perfect Pairings

Phantom Carriage beers were born to be paired.

Paring is part of our ethos…so we focus on it every day. There’s nothing we enjoy more than exploring the rich connections between our unique beers and ever-evolving menu of artisan food.

Our knowledgeable brewing and culinary staff are honored to have you. We guarantee a new taste adventure always awaits you at Phantom Carriage.

Fearless Experimentation

At the heart of the Phantom Carriage experience is our belief that the possibilities are limitless, when it comes to brewing. And it’s not easy.

Fearless experimentation is our approach for both new and old world styles of brewing and blending. It takes knowledge, experience and a great deal of hard work to create amazing small-batch, barrel aged beer.

The good news is, we’re great at waiting. That’s right. Patiently waiting for each barrel aged beer to finally be ready, whether that’s weeks, months, or years.



100% Brettanomyces wild Belgian blonde

Tropical citrus notes dominate the palate with hints of pepper and an earthy mildly dry finish. Funky Brett and barrel notes on the nose.Ages well and leads to enhanced complexity of earthy/ripe fruit notes.

“Unlike other brewery tasting rooms with sparse decor and little style, Phantom Carriage drips with atmosphere… The 7,000-square-foot location houses a tasting room, a small-batch brewhouse and a screening room…Also, and most importantly, on premises: over 500 oak barrels previously used by wine and spirit producers. It’s the barrels that set Phantom Carriage apart, as the brewery will focus on wild, wood-aged, and sour beers.”

LOS ANGELES TIMES, John Verive, January 2015

“Each beer is carefully crafted on-site in a process which showcases an array of flavor spectrums, ranging from lambic-veering sweeter sours to guezues and beyond. Beer flights are a common choice to sample the different unique brews, and you’ll want to catch some of their several sour offerings on tap. Additionally, there are some available to take home in cans, which are all named in reference to – you guessed it – classic horror films.”

CHOWHOUND, Jennifer Stavros, April 2018

“The concept of a café and tasting room is inspired, making Phantom Carriage into a real evening destination. Popular offerings include the tart, golden, sour Cushing ale and the Rathbone which is dark, fruity, aged in oak, and richly sour. The kitchen features small plate, fresh, farm-to-table gastro-pub type fare…and likewise adds to a lingering stay.”

CRUSHBREW, Genie Davis, April 2018

“There’s no other brewery experience quite like enjoying a sour in Phantom Carriage taproom. Walls of wine barrels line the taproom signifying a focus on farmhouse, wild ale barrel-aged beers as well as their notable sours. Phantom Carriage also offers an eclectic draft and bottle/can list from fellow brothers in brew.”

EASYREADER: BEER BROS, Ed Solt, March 2017

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