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You might think it’s the plot of a horror cinema masterpiece…

Disease, in the form of a global pandemic…
Social unrest and mass public demonstrations…
Rampant geo-political sparring…

But.......  IT'S NOT!!

Welcome to reality!

For the last few months most of us have watched our world change in ways we never imagined!  And the saga continues to unfold day by day...
In the midst of all the confusion, and change…one thing has remained very clear to us......

We’ve really missed sharing great beer and great times with all of you at Phantom Carriage!

So we decided on a plan to move forward, sensibly, of course, with safety and caution at the forefront and with flexibility to respond to the changing reality each day brings.

As a first step, we are pleased to announce:
“Phantom Carriage is now open for socially distanced beer-to-go sales!”

Click the link below to see what’s may find some Shockingly Good Covid-19 deals!!


Phantom Carriage Brewery

Jackson E. Wignot

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